Using Facebook as Part of Your Marketing Campaign

By: BSN Editor
Posted On: November 29, 2012

Facebook provides alot of tools to sidle up to your audience and engage them on time sensitive and interest sensitive subjects that serves to bring you and your audience closer. Here are some great tips on using Facebook as part of your marketing campaign.


Using events to engage with your Facebook fans is essential to keeping them interested in what you do, but it’s important to use them the right way. Don’t “invent” events or make something an event that isn’t. Do not, however, miss out on an opportunity to send invites to an event you will be at or a networking event that you’re planning. The key with an event is to send updates to your invitees and those who have RSVP’d with news about the event to build excitement and keep reminding them to attend.


Facebook ads are the closest thing you will get to internet magic. Ads can be extremely inexpensive, since you set the budget, but even an ad at $5.00 per day over a 10-day period can result in 100+ new “likes” if you target your market correctly.

Targeting your ad isn’t difficult. There are many options to choose from with respect to who will see you ad. You can select a specific region (such as your town, city or state), a specific set of interests, the gender of the person seeing your ad and even by their interests!

Contests and Polls

Facebook is a great place to promote contests, but a word of warning: Facebook will not allow you to run a contest using their native functionality. This means you can’t have a “like this to enter” style contest. Instead you can use Facebook posts to make sure that your fans know about the contest and link back to the entry page on your website.

Using polls is one of the best and easiest ways to engage users on Facebook, since clicking a poll option is a very simple action. Polls can include everything from asking a simple yes/no question, offering options for a vote, or allowing users to fill in an option.

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