SEO Basics: How do I find out my page rank?

By: BSN Editor
Posted On: November 29, 2012

Page rank is specific to Google and judges your website and the pages on your website against other websites. A big deal is made out of page rank, but it’s really just one criteria used in the overall measurement of your SEO health. In other words, don’t sweat your page rank!

Now, I will tell you how to determine your page rank in just a minute. But first, I want to tell you how NOT to determine your page rank.

So many business owners that I’ve spoke to think that the best way to determine page rank is to open a browser, go to, and type in their business name. Their business comes up, usually at the very top, and everyone feels great about page rank! This is absolutely meaningless. I cannot stress enough – this means nothing.

First, I should hope that your business website would be the first result when searching for your specific business name. Unless there’s another business out there in your field with the same exact name, you would of course appear first. And if there is another business in your field with the same exact name, then page rank is the least of your concerns.

Second, Google knows everything about you. Google knows where you are, who you’re friends with, what kind of things you search for – everything. When you conduct a Google search, the results you see are tailored to you specifically. Google knows you have a website and that you care about it a lot, and unless you have serious SEO troubles you’ll get your own site every time.

Now, how do you find out your page rank? There are a lot of tools that will tell your page rank, and is one of them. I’m warning you now, though – you will be disappointed in the results. I’m willing to bet that your page rank is 3. Yep, just 3 out of 10. Don’t despair. 3 is absolutely average. You should also know that most SEO specialists agree that only four websites in the world have a page rank of 10 – Google (surprise!), Apple, Adobe, and Microsoft. Everyone else is mostly 3.

Again, page rank is pretty meaningless in the grand scheme of things. Being hyper focused on page rank will probably adversely affect your general SEO, since you won’t pay attention to the basics.

Instead of worrying about page rank, do these things:

1. Get a Google analytics account.

2. Attach your analytics account to your website.

3. Use the Google adwords tool to do some serious research on keywords and make a short list of keywords you want to focus on.

4. Write relevant, engaging, content around those key words every day.

5. Use Google analytics to watch your organic search grow.

Now that’s how you increase your page rank!


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